Touch Screen Technology Displayed at Global Gaming Expo

The future of gambling, both online and land based gambling, is often seen at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E). At this year’s Global Gaming Expo, one of the main features that was seen was the touch screen technology that is currently particularly popular for mobile gaming devices.

Not only can players enjoy an easily accessible casino, that they can take with them, but they can also continue to enjoy the social environment and social interaction that comes with it. Online casinos are social places, and mobile casinos offer that same interaction, but players get to enjoy it when they are out and about.

There are those that are questioning what the future of land based casinos will be, and how they will be directly impacted by the latest mobile gambling options that are available. When it comes to slots, there are a number of things to consider. To start with, the average age of those players who enjoy slots on iPads and other mobile devices, is about five years younger than those who play land based slot games. This increases the number of players since the age range spans a wider age group. In turn, mobile casinos have the potential for an additional five years of slots revenue from this new group of players.

Land based casinos spend over $20,000 on a slots cabinet, and those who play slots using their tablet computers can spend as little as around $500 on an iPad. While there are more expensive versions of the iPad, the costs still stay below $1,000.

Some land based casinos are recognizing the benefits of mobile gambling, and feel that mobile gambing should be incorporated into their land based casinos, allowing players to enjoy the social interaction that they want while they can continue playing their favorite casino games.