Roller Casino Mobile App from Paddy Power

Paddy Power, the Internet gambling company that is based in Ireland, has released an exciting new mobile casino app. This new app is a real money wagering app that is available to those players who have the iPad and iPhone mobile devices.

The new mobile casino application is known as Roller Casino, and players who are located in the United Kingdom, who are at least 18 years of age, will be able to enjoy playing this new mobile casino app on their iPhones and iPads. This is the first real money mobile casino that has been designed only for users of the iPad and the iPhone. The app has crisp and clear graphics and is easily navigated on the mobile devices.

Ian Macleod, a Senior Marketing Director at Paddy Power that deals with mobile special projects explained that while Roller Casino is part of Paddy Power, it is run as a standalone business, and has been developed on its own. The company made a decision to create a special app that is only for mobile users, known as a native app. A decision was made that the app would be speciallt created, and that it would not simply be ported from the regular desktop computer versions that are available already.

When Macleod was questioned as to why the Roller Casino app was written exclusively for iOS, he explained that currently the most dominant tablet computer in the market is the iPad, and that the product that they wanted to offer players could be created in the best possible way using iOS.

In the marketing of this exciting new app, the tagline reads “Tilt it. Swipe it. It’s your turn to play.”

There are a number of new apps being released ahead of AppsWorld, which takes place on 2nd – 3rd October at Earls Court in London.