New Jersey Keeps the Way Open for Portable Gambling Devices

While the state of New Jersey passed a law earlier this year that permits the used of mobile gambling devices, the Atlantic City casinos are hesitant to offer hand-held gambling until the law becomes clear as to whether Internet gambling will be banned or approved in the future. The Gaming Enforcement Division has recently issues temporary regulations regarding hand-held gambling devices.

The Gaming Enforcement Division director, David Rebuck, said: “These regulations are another example of the cooperation of all our partners and use of our own imaginations to move past the prescribed technology.” He further added: “Most importantly in this process was the development of regulations that provided safeguards to prevent underage gambling, and to continually ensure the integrity and security of mobile gaming in New Jersey.”

At this time, no Atlantic City casinos have applied to use the mobile devices. The reason for this is most likely that the casinos do not wish to go through the expense of making this change when it is possible that online gambling may be approved either on a federal level, or in New Jersey on a state level. Should this happen, the expense that the casino will have gone through would not have been worth it.
Should the casinos make the decision to offer mobile gambling on their properties, it would mean that players could make use of mobile gambling when on the casino property, using smartphones, iPads, and other wireless devices, along with special hand-held devices that would be issued by the casino itself.

Not only would the setup be costly, but the casino would also need to appoint a special manager responsible for mobile gambling at the casino to ensure that the integrity of the system is maintained.
While gamblers may be interested in having this option available to them, it looks as if it will simply be a waiting game for the Atlantic City casinos.