More Apps for Tombola Mobile Bingo Players

Tombola Bingo began to offer a mobile bingo site to bingo players a few months ago. Some online bingo sites quickly offered players mobile bingo apps as soon as they could, but others, such as Tombola Bingo, wanted to give their players the same enjoyable gaming experience that they have online. In order to do so, Tombola Bingo opted to wait and release mobile bingo games when they could offer the same good quality games that they already knew their players enjoyed.

When Tombola Bingo went mobile, it offered its very popular Bingo90 game as a mobile bingo app. Bingo90 tickets cost 10p each, with a maximum ticket price of £2 for three chances to win.

Players have shown their appreciation for the good app by playing often and it has been a great success. In order to give players more variety, online bingo sites that offer mobile bingo need to keep adding new games. Tombola Bingo has done just that.

The new mobile bingo game app that is now being offered at Tombola mobile bingo, is Bingo Lite. Bingo Lite is a special Tombola Bingo game that is a 90 ball bingo gme that gives players the chance to play even on a low budget. Adding this application to the mobile bingo suite gives players the chance to play 90 ball bingo on a budget from wherever they happen to be with their mobile device and an Internet connection.

When playing Bingo Lite, players can play games for as little as 2p per bingo ticket and with a maximum cost for the game being 40p per ticket. Players are given two chances to win, either with a full house, or with one line.

Playing Bingo Lite gives players a lot of mobile bingo fun at a very affordable price.