Mobile Gaming Predicted to Grow in Leaps and Bounds

Mobile gaming in the UK market and in other leading mobile gaming markets has been predicted to grow exponentially and will become one of the leading forms of gambling by the year 2017.

A report has been released from Juniper Research that has predicted that the mobile gambling market will be worth about $100 billion by the year 2017. It is expected that this huge amount of growth will mostly be due to the growth in the mobile lottery games that will be offered in some of the mobile gambling markets on an international level. It is also expected that there will be much growth in the sports betting market and in the social gaming market in the United Kingdom.

There are a number of mobile casino sites that offer a full suite of mobile casino games. Jackpot City Casino is one of the mobile casinos that has a full suite of games offered in the UK market. There are new applications that are being offered via the social network, Facebook, that are now offering real money rewards for games such as bingo. In the UK alone, smartphone usage has already exceeded 45%, and while not all those who have smartphones use them for mobile gaming, it is certainly available to them should they wish to do so. The UK has liberal policies regarding online gambling in general, and this makes it an excellent market for the expansion of mobile gaming too.

Many players who used to gamble at land based casinos now gamble online or via their mobile devices, such as tablet computers and smartphones. Part of the reason that players have turned towards mobile gaming is because it is simply a convenience, being readily available, and because there is no transport, it is easier to get to. There are many other advantages for mobile gamers too, such as being able to choose to gamble for shorter gambling sessions when they have some free time.