Mobile Gaming Company CrowdStar Names Chief Executive

The mobile gaming company, CrowdStar has named its new chief executive. The new chief executive is none other than the co-founder of the company, Jeff Tseng. The company focuses its games on the female market, creating games for girls and young women, a niche that is often ignored.

Tseng discussed the company in an interview and explained that the company had begun with social games but that it has been making a big  move into mobile games and is going to be taking advantage of the growth of mobile gaming in the United States and in the rest of the world.

Before Tseng became the chief executive, he was running product development for the company. Before Tseng was involved with CrowdStar, he had been a co-founder of a San Francisco game developer, Secret Level. Sega bought out Secret Level in 2006 for $15 million. In 2008, Suren Markosian launched CrowdStar, soon after which, Tseng joined the company as one of the co-founders.

Tseng had the following to say: “This is a continuation of the path we’ve been on. We’ve made the transition to mobile. We started in the last year, and now we are 100 percent mobile. At first, we didn’t really fully commit. Later on, we did. We are finding our way.” The former chief executive, Peter Relan, will now be holding the position of executive chairman. Relan also heads up the company YouWeb, from which rowdStar grew.

Tseng is of the opinion that CrowdStar, which currently has over 80 employees, will continue to expand. Tseng commented on the difference between social gaming and mobile gaming, saying: “We’ve had to develop a lot of quality control, since in mobile you have to file for an update whereas on Facebook, we just fixed our mistakes with an update. Mobile is still an exciting, Wild West market. There is no
fixed distribution or monetization model in place.”