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New Smartphone for Japanese Mobile Gamers

One thing that mobile casino players and all mobile gamers look for in their mobile devices is a good display that will allow them to take full advantage of the good resolution graphics that are offered by many mobile gaming software providers.

The new smartphone release, the HTC J butterfly, created by a Taiwanese company, has a display of 1080p. The announcement about this new larger HTC smartphone has been confirmed after the initial rumors of a larger smartphone. The J butterfly will soon be available and is going to be offered in the Japanese market, where mobile gamers can choose this new mobile device with its 1080p resolution screen. Continue reading New Smartphone for Japanese Mobile Gamers

New Jersey Keeps the Way Open for Portable Gambling Devices

While the state of New Jersey passed a law earlier this year that permits the used of mobile gambling devices, the Atlantic City casinos are hesitant to offer hand-held gambling until the law becomes clear as to whether Internet gambling will be banned or approved in the future. The Gaming Enforcement Division has recently issues temporary regulations regarding hand-held gambling devices.

The Gaming Enforcement Division director, David Rebuck, said: “These regulations are another example of the cooperation of all our partners and use of our own imaginations to move past the prescribed technology.” He further added: “Most importantly in this process was the development of regulations that provided safeguards to prevent underage gambling, and to continually ensure the integrity and security of mobile gaming in New Jersey.” Continue reading New Jersey Keeps the Way Open for Portable Gambling Devices

Live Dealer Tablet Offering from Ho Gaming

Live dealer games are particularly popular at online casinos amongst those players who really enjoy the feel of being in a real live casino. Gamming specialists, Ho Gaming, has announced that it has released an exciting new product, a live dealer product that has been created for mobile devices. This new product has been designed to be released to the European market.

In the new tablet version of the Ho Gaming live dealer software, players will have the chance to enjoy blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. This means that players will now be able to place wagers on these live dealer games both on their home computers and when they are out and about on their tablets. Continue reading Live Dealer Tablet Offering from Ho Gaming

Roller Casino Mobile App from Paddy Power

Paddy Power, the Internet gambling company that is based in Ireland, has released an exciting new mobile casino app. This new app is a real money wagering app that is available to those players who have the iPad and iPhone mobile devices.

The new mobile casino application is known as Roller Casino, and players who are located in the United Kingdom, who are at least 18 years of age, will be able to enjoy playing this new mobile casino app on their iPhones and iPads. This is the first real money mobile casino that has been designed only for users of the iPad and the iPhone. The app has crisp and clear graphics and is easily navigated on the mobile devices. Continue reading Roller Casino Mobile App from Paddy Power

More Apps for Tombola Mobile Bingo Players

Tombola Bingo began to offer a mobile bingo site to bingo players a few months ago. Some online bingo sites quickly offered players mobile bingo apps as soon as they could, but others, such as Tombola Bingo, wanted to give their players the same enjoyable gaming experience that they have online. In order to do so, Tombola Bingo opted to wait and release mobile bingo games when they could offer the same good quality games that they already knew their players enjoyed.

When Tombola Bingo went mobile, it offered its very popular Bingo90 game as a mobile bingo app. Bingo90 tickets cost 10p each, with a maximum ticket price of £2 for three chances to win. Continue reading More Apps for Tombola Mobile Bingo Players

Mobile Bingo Launched by Paddy Power

Paddy Power is an Internet gambling giant, and already offers a number of its services on the mobile gaming platform. Paddy Power has now launched an exciting new mobile gaming app.

The new app is the Android Paddy Power Bingo app, which allows those who are signed up with Paddy Power to play bingo both online at their computers, and also on various mobile devices. The Paddy Power Bingo application now offers players mobile gaming versions of the same games available in the Paddy Power online bingo site. Continue reading Mobile Bingo Launched by Paddy Power

UK is Testing Ground for Mobile Gaming

Big Fish Games Inc. has recently expanded into the mobile gaming market. The company is offering online gambling and mobile gambling in the United Kingdom, for real money betting. Big Fish Games Inc. is offering real money mobile applications that are similar to some of the other big companies such as Betfair, Facebook, and William Hill.

The reason that these companies have chosen to launch and operate their games in Britain is because the gambling laws in the UK are far more relaxed than in most other countries. This makes the United Kingdom a natural testing ground for various companies that offer mobile gambling. In the US, for example, the only state that allows gambling over the Internet is Nevada. Continue reading UK is Testing Ground for Mobile Gaming

Phoneblet Release from LG Intuition is Great for Mobile Games

Mobile casino players will now have the option of choosing yet another mobile device on which to play their favorite mobile casino games. Verizon has now officially announced the release of the phoneblet from LG Intuition. A phoneblet is essentially a mobile device that is a bit larger than a smartphone, and yet is not as large as a tablet computer. Size-wise, the phoneblet sits in the middle of the smartphone and tablet computers.

There are those that feel that the LG Intuition is likely to take some of the limelight away from the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which is its direct rival in the mobile device world. There is also an international LG Intuition that does look similar to the one that has been released by Verizon, however, there are some extra features available on the American version that will make Android mobile casino fans enjoy their mobile gaming experience more than before. Continue reading Phoneblet Release from LG Intuition is Great for Mobile Games

Mobile Casino Tournaments from Bet365

Those who enjoy their gaming via mobile devices always appreciate an online casino that makes sure to provide gaming for both its online casino players and its mobile casino players. Bet365 Mobile Casino is one such casino, offering its players special bonuses and promotions no matter where they choose to do their gaming.

Good mobile casinos offer players a similar user experience to their online casino counterparts, including offering special tournaments for their players. Bet364 Mobile Casino has three exciting mobile casino tournaments coming up this month. One of the mobile casino tournaments is a mobile casino blackjack tournament and another is a mobile casino slots tournament. Later in September, players can begin to play the mobile roulette tournament that is being offered at Bet365. Continue reading Mobile Casino Tournaments from Bet365

Smart Gaming Launches Mobile Roulette App

The Smart Gaming Group has launched a live roulette mobile gaming app. Live casino games are very popular with online casino players, and offering roulette as a live mobile application.

Smart Gaming has described this live mobile roulette release as the first of its kind. The live roulette release can be played on both the Android platform and on the iOS platform. This means that the game is accessible to those who play on Apple mobile devices and many other mobile devices too. Continue reading Smart Gaming Launches Mobile Roulette App