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Evolution Gaming Releases Mobile Casino Games

iPad users and mobile casino gamblers will soon be enjoying even more mobile casino games from Evolution Gaming.

The Evolution Gaming online casino games suite includes a number of popular online casino games such as Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, and has most recently added Live Casino Hold’em to its repertoire. Those players who enjoy playing online casino games can do so from the comfort of their own homes or on their laptops at home or away. Continue reading Evolution Gaming Releases Mobile Casino Games

Bet365 Mobile Blackjack Tournament

Bet365 Mobile Casino is offering its players an exciting mobile casino blackjack tournament. The tournament will be taking place on 30th October 2012, and comes with a prize pool of $1,000. In order to win, players will earn points that will help them go higher and higher on the leaderboard.

The way that this special mobile casino blackjack tournament works is that the top 15 winners will share the prize pool. While players are playing in this blackjack tournament, each time they have placed $10 worth of bets on the mobile blackjack game, they will earn one Bet365 Comp Point. The more comp points that players earn, the higher up on the leaderboard they will go. Continue reading Bet365 Mobile Blackjack Tournament

New Smartphone for Japanese Mobile Gamers

One thing that mobile casino players and all mobile gamers look for in their mobile devices is a good display that will allow them to take full advantage of the good resolution graphics that are offered by many mobile gaming software providers.

The new smartphone release, the HTC J butterfly, created by a Taiwanese company, has a display of 1080p. The announcement about this new larger HTC smartphone has been confirmed after the initial rumors of a larger smartphone. The J butterfly will soon be available and is going to be offered in the Japanese market, where mobile gamers can choose this new mobile device with its 1080p resolution screen. Continue reading New Smartphone for Japanese Mobile Gamers

New Jersey Keeps the Way Open for Portable Gambling Devices

While the state of New Jersey passed a law earlier this year that permits the used of mobile gambling devices, the Atlantic City casinos are hesitant to offer hand-held gambling until the law becomes clear as to whether Internet gambling will be banned or approved in the future. The Gaming Enforcement Division has recently issues temporary regulations regarding hand-held gambling devices.

The Gaming Enforcement Division director, David Rebuck, said: “These regulations are another example of the cooperation of all our partners and use of our own imaginations to move past the prescribed technology.” He further added: “Most importantly in this process was the development of regulations that provided safeguards to prevent underage gambling, and to continually ensure the integrity and security of mobile gaming in New Jersey.” Continue reading New Jersey Keeps the Way Open for Portable Gambling Devices

Touch Screen Technology Displayed at Global Gaming Expo

The future of gambling, both online and land based gambling, is often seen at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E). At this year’s Global Gaming Expo, one of the main features that was seen was the touch screen technology that is currently particularly popular for mobile gaming devices.

Not only can players enjoy an easily accessible casino, that they can take with them, but they can also continue to enjoy the social environment and social interaction that comes with it. Online casinos are social places, and mobile casinos offer that same interaction, but players get to enjoy it when they are out and about. Continue reading Touch Screen Technology Displayed at Global Gaming Expo

Mobile Gaming Predicted to Grow in Leaps and Bounds

Mobile gaming in the UK market and in other leading mobile gaming markets has been predicted to grow exponentially and will become one of the leading forms of gambling by the year 2017.

A report has been released from Juniper Research that has predicted that the mobile gambling market will be worth about $100 billion by the year 2017. It is expected that this huge amount of growth will mostly be due to the growth in the mobile lottery games that will be offered in some of the mobile gambling markets on an international level. It is also expected that there will be much growth in the sports betting market and in the social gaming market in the United Kingdom. Continue reading Mobile Gaming Predicted to Grow in Leaps and Bounds

Live Dealer Tablet Offering from Ho Gaming

Live dealer games are particularly popular at online casinos amongst those players who really enjoy the feel of being in a real live casino. Gamming specialists, Ho Gaming, has announced that it has released an exciting new product, a live dealer product that has been created for mobile devices. This new product has been designed to be released to the European market.

In the new tablet version of the Ho Gaming live dealer software, players will have the chance to enjoy blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. This means that players will now be able to place wagers on these live dealer games both on their home computers and when they are out and about on their tablets. Continue reading Live Dealer Tablet Offering from Ho Gaming

Mobile Gaming Company CrowdStar Names Chief Executive

The mobile gaming company, CrowdStar has named its new chief executive. The new chief executive is none other than the co-founder of the company, Jeff Tseng. The company focuses its games on the female market, creating games for girls and young women, a niche that is often ignored.

Tseng discussed the company in an interview and explained that the company had begun with social games but Continue reading Mobile Gaming Company CrowdStar Names Chief Executive

Roller Casino Mobile App from Paddy Power

Paddy Power, the Internet gambling company that is based in Ireland, has released an exciting new mobile casino app. This new app is a real money wagering app that is available to those players who have the iPad and iPhone mobile devices.

The new mobile casino application is known as Roller Casino, and players who are located in the United Kingdom, who are at least 18 years of age, will be able to enjoy playing this new mobile casino app on their iPhones and iPads. This is the first real money mobile casino that has been designed only for users of the iPad and the iPhone. The app has crisp and clear graphics and is easily navigated on the mobile devices. Continue reading Roller Casino Mobile App from Paddy Power

7Seas Signs up with Mobango and Mauj Mobile to Distribute Mobile Games

An agreement was signed between 7Seas Entertainment and Mauj Mobile, an Indian company that distributes mobile games, in order to distribute the Android-based games ‘The Dark Man’ and ‘Full Fill.’ Mauj Mobile uses its global apps store, Mobango, to distribute mobile games.

The Dark Man is a puzzle game that has users climb from level to level until they have completed all 30 levels. The player takes on the role of the archer and has to aim at many interesting targets, such as apples that are place on the heads of various characters. Players need to make sure to shoot only the apple, and not the person, if they wish to continue to the next level. Continue reading 7Seas Signs up with Mobango and Mauj Mobile to Distribute Mobile Games